Términos de servicio. - D´Raso Calzado Exclusivo

Terms of Service:

When making the purchase confirms that the options chosen such as colors, measurements, materials, references, etc. are correct for your products, accepting  the terms and conditions of this service.


-Please be sure to ask for the size that corresponds to your measurements.

-USA size is not standard size please choose shoes according to feet length (measured in centimeters) .

-Please make sure that the options chosen correspond to what you want.


* Manufacturing time  20 business days (We will be informing you of the order status in your email)

* Shipping time:  6   TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS (we will issue your package as soon as they are manufactured)

* For orders placed on any of these days: Saturday, Sunday or the day before a holiday, the delivery time will be extended by 1 or 2 extra business days.


-The shipping times are approximate values.

Package Shipping

For Custom Products (on request)   packages are sent 24 hours after the estimated manufacturing time , or earlier if the product is manufactured in a shorter time  through the FedEx shipping company,  "Send Messaging" all with tracking number. The approximate delivery time of the package is 5 to 10 business days * (main cities) In remote areas with low population and / or limited accessibility, special delivery times apply.

We are not responsible for delays or damages that your package may suffer after shipment as each package is managed by the shipping company, but we do everything possible to arrive on time and fully protected (all packages are insured for damage or lost) .

Whatever the shipping method, we will provide you with a link and a guide number so you can track your order online.


  • Orders are shipped only on business days. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays in Colombia.
  • We cannot deliver to post office boxes or virtual lockers.
  • We do not reimburse express shipping costs in the case of returning items.
  • For any questions, call our customer service at (4) 3222402 ext 103 or mobile 3136214425.
  • Due to logistical difficulties when shipping to certain remote areas, we reserve the right to cancel your order and / or apply additional terms and conditions to that order (including, without limitation, the condition that each order reaches a minimum amount ). Our customer service will notify you of the cancellation and / or application of these conditions as soon as possible after you place your order.


Causes not controllable by the Company of external shipments /  Events that make transportation difficult:

- Bad weather at the airport of Origin, Transit and / or Destination:  When a shipment or group of shipments cannot be transported timely due to delays and / or cancellations of flights due to adverse weather conditions that restrict the operation of airports. (This condition will apply when the route contains an air transport). The above events exempt D´RASO SAS and the shipping company from liability.

-Deficient address:  Inconsistency in the address that does not allow the delivery of the shipment (lack of an incorrect number or data).

-Obstruction land connection:  When a shipment or group of shipments have delayed delivery due to closure of roads attributed to landslides, floods and / or maintenance of roads that hinder land connections in or between cities.

-Public order:  When a shipment or group of shipments have delayed delivery as a result of demonstrations, strikes, stoppages, rumors and / or security conditions that obstruct the mobilization of the shipment. 

-Inspection authorities:  These are situations in which due to the review by the police and / or customs authorities, a shipment or group of shipments may present a delay in delivery. In case taxes are generated, you will be notified (in most packages, D´Raso pays the taxes that can be generated)

It is our duty to inform you that there are events where delivery cannot be made for reasons attributable to the recipient such as:  

-Closed address:  When the delivery is going to be made and there is no one at the address that answers the call or receives the shipment.

- Recipient does not reside:  When at the time of delivery, the recipient does not live or work at the address indicated by the sender.


Liability, litigation and applicable legislation

DRASO SAS could not be held liable for non-compliance in case of stock breakage or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disturbance or total or partial strike, in particular, of postal services and means of transport and / or communications, flood or fire. In case of litigation, the member will address DRASO SAS as a priority to obtain a friendly solution.


DRASO SAS will do everything possible to please all its customers in the demand for the products.

In case of unavailability of the product after the order has been placed, the customer will be informed by email of its cancellation.

Following this demand, the speed of the refund in the client's bank account will depend on the type of bank card and the conditions of each bank. These deadlines are again specified in the "Delivery" clause.


For your security DRASO SAS has relied on the payment system by credit card to PAYU LATAM /PayPal payment gateway.

The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the servers of the bank and, subsequently, are verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse.

This data entry procedure is guaranteed by SSL (Secure Socker Layer) -128 bits encryption technology, one of the most advanced and effective protection systems currently available, thanks to which no third party will have access to this relative information via Internet to the bank details entered by the customer.

Only the Bank and PAYU LATAM / PayPal have access to the bank data linked to these payment methods, so that DRASO SAS does not know, does not store, or register this data during the payment operation.


You can track your order by accessing your order history in My account. Go to the details of the order you want to follow and click on the tracking number in the "Details" column. Here you will access the website of the transporter, where you can find the most up-to-date information. If this information is not found, you can request the tracking number and tracking link via email indicating the assigned order number.

Keep in mind that until the carrier updates its systems with the information of your order, you will not be able to follow it through the web. Therefore, you may not have tracking information when we provide you with the tracking link the day after you have placed the order. However, carriers usually update the information one day (business days) after we send you the link, so if they do not already have the information, try again later.

Some orders are packed in more than one box. Each box will have its unique tracking number.

The states of your order will be sent to your email registered on our platform. 


If the product you receive is very different from your description D´RASO undertakes to accept your return before the order ends (that is, within 10 days from the day the package was delivered to you. Our guarantee of Satisfaction will ensure that you receive a refund, you just have to meet the requirements detailed in the Returns / Warranty section  .

For D´Raso, quality is fundamental. We verify that all our products are capable of supporting the uses for which they have been designed. However, in the event of an eventuality, our shoes are guaranteed for ninety (90) days for manufacturing defects or quality defects. Returns / Warranty.

drasocalzado.com does not accept changes or returns of products in shoes manufactured in a personalized way or made to measure for the client except that the product is different from the one you ordered or contains manufacturing defects. If you want to change a product (conditions apply) please contact us. It is only possible to make the change of a product if it is done according to our return policy. The costs of the exchange shipping are at your expense.

Modification of the general conditions of sale

DRASO SAS reserves the right to modify the general conditions of sale without prior notice, being able to change, delete or add both the contents and services provided through it and the way in which they appear presented or located on their servers.

These changes must be accepted by the User each time he makes a purchase through the DRASO SAS page

The members of the "Private Community of DRASO SAS" who are not satisfied with the modifications of the general conditions, must notify it and, from the date on which the new version will enter into force, they must stop using the services of the DRASO SAS store