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Taking into account the family tradition in the manufacture of footwear since 1962; In its second generation, the couple of dancers and husbands "Robiro Ocampo and Sandra Ruiz" in the quest to satisfy the needs of a footwear that would provide elegance and comfort for their profession, fuse their knowledge in the art of dance and footwear manufacturing, taking to the creation of the company "D`Raso Calzado Exclusivo Para Bailar" in the year 2.002

D'Raso has been characterized for conserving handmade habits with which the shoes were made in the past; manufacturing one to one and for each client dance shoes with exclusive designs evolved in quality and functionality of the product.

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Our MISSION is to satisfy the needs of a demanding public that requires attractive, comfortable and safe products, as well as innovative designs and materials; Always in search of new tools that allow us to optimize the QUALITY, image and competitiveness in the processes; with the purpose of inspiring confidence to our clients, generating employment and providing a business opportunity worldwide.



In the year 2026 D'Raso is recognized worldwide, for being a company with total, sustainable quality, in constant growth and with a dynamic, effective and leadership team that achieves the proposed goals.



QUALITY:  We always look for excellence in being and doing.

HONESTY:  We promote truth as an elementary tool to generate trust and credibility of our company.

RESPONSIBILITY:  We are committed to stability, good working conditions for our employees; and with our customers, we are committed to offering a product and service of the highest quality.

TEAMWORK:  We promote better results thanks to a positive environment.


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