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Privacy policy and data processing:

DRASO SAS hereinafter, "DRASO", "we / our / us" and the like) undertake to protect and respect your privacy. We strive to comply with all applicable laws on the protection of privacy and security of personal information. The DRASO Privacy Policy, together with the additional terms and conditions that contain complementary information about specific services you use (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”), define our privacy practices regarding collection, use and protection of your personal information on DRASO websites, devices, applications and services, both online and offline (hereinafter, the "SERVICE"), in addition to indicating with whom we may share the information collected and to whom we may disclose it. If you are younger,

The use of the SERVICE, access to the SERVICE or the sending of personal information to the SERVICE by you or, if you are a minor, the fact that your parents (or your guardian) or you with the permission of your parents (or guardian) send your personal information to DRASO, will be considered an acceptance of the Privacy Policy.


Information collected by DRASO

Regarding our SERVICE, we may have to collect certain information about you when you use our SERVICE or interact with it (hereinafter, the "Information"); We can request the following information:


Information you provide us

Your email address and your country / region when you register or log in to a DRASO account; If you use a social network account to log in or register for a DRASO account and thus use our SERVICE, we may also collect all public knowledge information (including, among other things, your profile picture, your gender, your date of birth and your language settings) associated with that account of a social network.

Your name, identification number, mailing / shipping address, contact information, email address, or other payment services information when you make an acquisition of any of our products to create a profile in our database or to resolve certain requests to customer service.



Information obtained from the use you make of the SERVICE

Device information: for example, your device model, serial number, version and type of your operating system, IP address, and other unique device identifiers.

Registration information: for example, the configuration, the moment in which your devices were activated, the network you use to connect to our SERVICE, the state of the network, telephone registration information, the waiting state, the history of Locks, preferred interface, browser type and language settings, diagnostic and usage data and your usage behavior in our SERVICE.

Location information: for example, the version of the Wi-Fi module and the GPS of your devices, the GPS signal, data identifying mobile phone antennas and nearby wireless access points, the time zone and time of the location in The device is used.

Information about applications: such as the type of software or applications you have installed, how you use the content offered through the SERVICE and how you interact with it (for example, the time of installation and uninstallation, how often you use it or the category of software or applications you prefer).


How DRASO uses the information

We may use the information we collect for the following purposes:

To evaluate and improve the SERVICE.

To know the opinion of the client and analyze the user experience in order to develop and evaluate new services.

To execute the process of registering a DRASO account.

To meet your requests, which includes, among other things, offering information and documentation on purchases, such as proof of purchase; to offer technical notes.

To process your subscriptions, including DRASO newsletters to keep you up to date with the latest news, promotions and upcoming DRASO events. You can cancel your subscription at any time without charge.

To send you important notifications, such as communications of changes to our terms, conditions and policies. Given the importance of communications, you will not be able to stop receiving them.

To verify your identity, offer rewards and participation in campaigns, provide liaison services and ensure if necessary when you participate in our events or contests.

To offer you recommendations on services that may interest you according to your use of our SERVICE.

To send you advertising and marketing communications that we think may interest you.

To meet requests made to customer service, such as product repair requests, and to answer your questions.

To offer you our customer satisfaction and customer service survey, which aims to analyze the user experience.

Any other purpose with your consent.


To whom does DRASO reveal your information?

Your information will not be disclosed to third parties, with the following exceptions:

Your consent

We will only disclose your information to third parties or share it with them with your consent.

Business partners

We may disclose anonymized information to our business partners (Business Partners), for example, business partners (Business Partners) that provide data analysis services or provide advertising and marketing communications based on the anonymized information.

Service Providers

We may disclose your information to our Service Providers and share it with those Service Providers, who provide us with services or provide services on our behalf; For example, service providers help us to send marketing communications, provide customer service, and deliver purchases. These service providers (Service Providers) will only use your information in accordance with our instructions and for the purposes described here; D´Raso guarantees that all its Service Providers comply with the Privacy Policy.

For security, protection and legal purposes

We may disclose your information to third parties or share it with them for security or legal purposes:

If required by applicable laws or regulations or competent governmental or judicial authorities, if necessary to file a legal claim or continue with it, or to raise a legal defense or continue with it, or if necessary to avoid fraud or other illegal activities.

To protect the rights, property or security of DRASO, of our service providers, of customers or of the public, if required or permitted by law.

International transfers of your information

You understand and accept the transfer, storage, use or processing of your information by DRASO and service providers (Service Providers), which can be found in a different country from the one in which you are. Said transfer, said storage or said processing of your information will be subject to the Privacy Policy and applicable laws on the protection of privacy and information security.

Cookies and similar technologies

DRASO uses cookies and similar technologies to provide its SERVICE:


Cookies are small text files placed on your devices to personalize your user experience in our SERVICE. Cookies will not collect information that identifies you:

Registration and authentication: we use cookies to store your unique registration identification number and authentication information on your device. Cookies allow you to visit our websites and move from page to page in them without having to log in each visit.

Storage of your preferences and settings: cookies keep your settings and preferences on your devices, for example, your preferred location or language; When storing the settings in cookies, it is not necessary to reapply your preferences and settings every time you visit our websites.

Analysis: we use cookies to count the number and duration of your visits to our websites, as well as to know which part or functions you visit most. This information helps us analyze the performance and operation of our SERVICE in order to improve performance and develop new services, features and functions.

Advertising: we use cookies to collect data about your use of our websites and to identify your interests, for example, the advertising you have seen. DRASO and its business partners (Business Partners) use this data to offer you the most relevant advertising.

Keep in mind that you can set preferences on cookies by accessing [tools and settings] of the browser to accept, block or delete cookies. The location of [tools and settings] in the browser may vary, depending on the browser you install; visit the browser's technical support or privacy page if you want more information. Certain functions of our SERVICE depend on the use of cookies; If you decide to disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the functions of our websites.

Third party links on our websites

Our SERVICE may contain links to third party websites. Please note that DRASO is not responsible for the security, privacy practices or materials of those third party websites. We recommend that you keep in mind when you leave our SERVICE, and that you carefully read the privacy statements of those third-party websites. This Privacy Policy only applies to the DRESS SERVICE.


We take precautions to protect your information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. We conduct internal reviews of our information collection, our storage, our processing practices and our security measures, as well as physical security measures that prevent unauthorized access to the systems in which we store your information.
The transmission of information between the different DRASO locations is done through our SSL protected network. When you send us your information, that information is protected both online and offline.
However, DRASO cannot guarantee total security on the Internet. To protect your unauthorized access data, we recommend that:

Use alphanumeric passwords when registering your DRASO account.

Change your passwords regularly.

Keep your devices updated by applying the latest security updates available for your software and use tools such as antivirus and spyware protection.

If you detect a technical vulnerability that affects DRASO SERVICE, do not hesitate to contact us through

Management of your information

We want to help you keep your information up to date. You can view and change your information by logging into your DRASO account and editing your account information.

If you have any other questions about the information DRASO collects about you, contact us at

Whenever you use our SERVICE, we strive to maintain the accuracy of your data and protect your information against malicious destruction. or accidental. We will consider the requests you make in relation to your data; However, we may not be able to meet all your requests in the following circumstances:

If required or permitted by applicable laws.

For legitimate business purposes.

Repetitive requests beyond reasonable, that require disproportionate resources and technical efforts, for example developing a new system or changing the fundamentals of current practices.

Possible risks to the privacy of others.

Children's Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information from minors who are under eighteen (18) years old, or the equivalent minimum age in the corresponding jurisdiction, without parental consent. We recommend that parents (or guardian) play an active role in the child's interests and online activities while using our SERVICE.

If you are a minor, obtain your parents' consent before using our SERVICE. You can only send us information with the consent of your parents. Your parents (or your guardian) may revoke at any time any consent they have previously given.

Confidential Personal Information

DRASO will never ask you to provide confidential information, such as your credit card information, about your medical history or your health folder, your political or religious beliefs, your crimes (alleged or committed), your criminal record, your sexual orientation, your sexual history, your behavior or genetic information. Do not provide us with such information.

Changes to the DRASO Privacy Policy

We may change the Privacy Policy, so we strongly recommend that you periodically review the Privacy Policy published on our websites. By accessing our SERVICE or using it once the Privacy Policy is updated, DRASO will consider that you give your consent to said Privacy Policy, including updates. The most current version of the Privacy Policy will always be available on this page; When any significant change occurs, we will notify you clearly, for example, by sending you a notification via email.

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