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We want you to find the perfect size when you buy in our online store. And to make it easier, we put at your disposal this size guide and shoe features that will help you find the perfect shoe for you.  

Foot measurement:

The length of the foot is commonly defined as the distance between two parallel lines that are perpendicular to the foot and that are those that are formed from the most prominent toe and the end of the heel. This measurement is taken with the person standing without shoes and with the weight of the body equally distributed between both feet.

It is common for the measurement of the right foot compared to the left to have a minimum difference. In this case you can mediate both feet, and when buying shoes this must be taken into account, since the footwear must be purchased based on the size of the largest foot, although for cases with very complex feet please contact our advisors.

There are different systems of shoe sizes, while the way to measure in centimeters is universal, for this reason we use the unit of measurement centimeters "cm".

We do not recommend using the unit of measurement inches and then converting it to centimeters because the conversion in size for some reason does not work (Please use the meter or ruler with the unit of measurement in centimeters located from zero "0").


To know the exact size of your foot please follow the following instructions in detail:


Why are there differences in shoe sizes depending on the countries and why do they vary from one to another?

Shoe sizes are a number that indicates whether the shoe will fit a person or not. There are different shoe size systems that are used around the world, these systems differ in the way it is measured, in the unit of measurement they use and if, for example, size 0 or 1 are located within the numbering. It is also important to remember that different measurement systems are used depending on whether they are for men, women, children, for sports, or in our case for dancing.

this varies depending on the countries and regions. Among the variety of existing systems, the European continental system is the one used in countries such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy, which is different from the American size measurement system.

It is important to note that these systems are not fully standardized, as there are differences between brands, manufacturers and models. At D`Raso we know that, that is why you should know the measurement tables of each brand you choose to buy so that you do not have any problems when placing your order online.

Remember when buying in our online store, check if your foot is full size or half size, also if the width of your foot is regular, it is thinner (thin) or wider than the average, know the size you normally wear it is very important, especially when making your purchases online.

Learn more about the available options:

The heel

It is the piece that is attached to the sole by the heel part offering support to the foot. We can choose it in different types and heights:

Important: The measure of the block is made from the side like the following image:


The taco for women's shoes can be either Lace type (thin) or half cup type (a bit wider): 




The heel for flamenco shoes for women can be straight or curved as illustrated in the following photo:


The comfort: 

Comfort is the material that goes inside the toe of the shoe, which makes the insole of the shoe more padded. 





Sole Material

The sole is the part of the shoe that covers the sole of the foot, and makes contact with the floor.

Our brand uses 3 types of material in the sole according to customer preferences:

1) Suede sole  is composed of highly flexible bovine leather; It is generally the most commonly used in wood, marble and tile floors with a smooth finish, since it allows better flexibility and high smoothness when traveling. Color matches the shoe

2) Hard leather sole "CR2"  is composed of high strength rigid bovine leather which some people prefer to dance on most surfaces, this leather sole is painted according to the color of the shoe.

3) Synthetic sole is composed of natural and synthetic rubber; It is usually used by people who ask for their shoes for daily use or to dance on floors similar to the pavement. Available in Habano and black.

Sole Design for Men's shoes

For the line of shoes in the Tango - Salsa - Bachata Category we have for you two design options for the sole:

1) Complete Sole: This option allows the sole in any of the materials to be a complete piece.

2) Midsole: This option allows the sole in any of the materials to be a separate piece. You may have much more flexibility because there is no sole to resist in the arch of the foot.

(The paint color of the sole is combined with the color of the shoe)

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