How to know the size of your foot - D´Raso Calzado Exclusivo - Internacional


We want you to find the perfect size when you buy in our online store. And to make it easier, we put at your disposal this size guide that will help you find the perfect shoe for you.                                                                                    

To know the exact size of your foot please follow the following instructions in detail:


Learn more about the available options:

The heel

It is the piece that is attached to the sole by the heel part offering support to the foot. We can choose it in different types and heights:



The taco for women's shoes can be either Lace type (thin) or half cup type (a bit wider): 




The comfort: 

Comfort is the material that goes inside the toe of the shoe, which makes the insole of the shoe more padded. 





LA Sole

The sole is the part of the shoe that covers the sole of the foot, and makes contact with the floor.

Our brand uses 3 types of sole according to the preferences of each client:

1) Suede sole  is composed of highly flexible bovine leather; It is generally the most commonly used in wood, marble and tile floors with a smooth finish, since it allows better flexibility and high smoothness when traveling.

2) Hard leather sole "CR2"  is composed of high strength rigid bovine leather which some people prefer to dance on most surfaces, this leather sole is painted according to the color of the shoe.

3) Synthetic sole is composed of natural and synthetic rubber; It is usually used by people who ask for their shoes for daily use or to dance on floors similar to the pavement. Available in Habano and black.