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How to choose the right dance shoes

Dance shoes are accessories that do not go unnoticed when dancing, to the point that they define our own style. Good dance shoes should protect our feet, facilitate movements and at the same time give the elegance that corresponds to the type of dance we are going to perform. Like athletes who require their protection elements and accessories for a better performance, dancers need to use elements that facilitate their activity. This is how a footballer without wires, although he can play, would not have the same performance as one who uses professional wires specifically designed for this purpose. In our D'Raso shoes it is essential that all its seams are resistant and that all its parts are reinforced, to guarantee that the shoes between jumps and movements absorb shock and energy without breaking; that yes, without losing the comfort and flexibility that our brand offers .; Traditional street shoes are not designed to withstand the stresses to which they are subjected when dancing with them, hence, in an intense dance session with a conventional shoe it can easily break or lose the heel; while a D'Raso shoe is an element that can make all the difference when dancing, since for a dancer the possibility of making fast turns and stopping with precision is: taking up the analogy of the previous paragraph, what the adherence of the guayos allows a footballer not to slip; Dance shoes use canvas and other materials and designs with traction characteristics specific to this activity on their soles; This is where sports or street shoes fall short when it comes to dancing

When choosing your dance shoes, the first question you should ask yourself is where will you wear them and what type of dance will be practiced with them; In order to be clear about the model and the desired heel height. A shoe to dance Flamenco or a practice shoe is not the same as one to perform a dance exhibition for Salsa or Tango. It is clear that each type of dance requires particular characteristics in the shoe:

For dances such as Tango, Salsa, Bachata, and other ballroom dances; the flexibility and perfect adaptation of the dance shoe to the foot is very important, due to the speed and complexity in each of its movements; For these types of dance, the woman's shoe is preferably open to the front, sandal type, the heel is preferred high and thin (Fine / lace type) to provide elegance and allow proximity with the couple; Generally, a tango dancer uses height 7.5 cm or 8.5 cm in her heels, but everything goes according to the taste of each person or recommendation of the dance instructor, also using low heels of 5.5cm or 6.5cm.

If what you are looking for is a very flexible shoe for professional sauce we recommend that you use a shoe with an "Extra-Flexible" design with a wide base heel (Medium heel cup) and heel height no greater than 6.5cm; These are specially designed to facilitate greater movement of the instep, they allow better stability and better movement of the foot when performing the steps; its light weight allows greater speed in each of the movements. (You find them in the Extraflexible Sauce category)

On the other hand, if the shoe is for class only , consider some practice shoes ; They can be flat shoes like our Ref 803 model or tennis shoes especially for dancing called "Dance Sneaker", the latter have a sole divided into two parts and thus the foot has greater freedom of movement; Unlike ordinary tennis shoes, the sole of our tennis is composed of materials other than rubber which allows better ease in turns and movements (The rubber generates greater effort to move and this over time is detrimental for your knees).

These practice shoes are used by both men and women. It is true that you can practice with your heels or presentation shoes, everything goes according to your comfort and recommendation of your dance teacher.

If it is a special presentation, choose shoes according to the outfit you will wear, be sure to decide in advance, for us to make them to suit you; If you want to have shoes for future presentations, try to use easy-to-match designs that will work for you in different situations.

Keep in mind that it is normal that when you try on your shoes they are a bit fair and hard because they are new, remember that with use the fibers give way and soften, especially if they are made of genuine leather.

In short, the right shoes can make a difference in your dance experience and your style, choosing a good pair of shoes will improve your performance!