Secure payment - D´Raso Calzado Exclusivo

We take security very seriously and we have a policy to protect the information of all our clients that consists of :

DRASO does not request, know or store information about your card, at the time of providing such information delegates this action to the page responsible for PayPal, leading trustworthy companies in Internet payments that have SSL security mechanisms , high availability and reliability of operations.

-We do not store card data on our servers.

-All information regarding cards is sent using SSL encryption.

-We make sure to use the https protocol (you will see an icon with a padlock) for the sections of our website that transmit personal information (passwords, accounts, payments, etc.) to ensure that such information is protected.

-For the payment of the order only in the form or payment section of the product, the card number, its expiration date and the security code will be requested. Data security is guaranteed through approved SSL encryption protocols. Remember that all the data you send through this form are protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system. This system encrypts the data so that, if someone in the data transmission process manages to appropriate them, they cannot read them since they do not have the necessary password. 

-The card data is managed directly by Paypal, guaranteeing the management of your data, and eliminating from storage responsibilities for said information. It operates in the secure electronic payment mode, supporting the international protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (both based on 3D Secure technology). With this system the authentication of the holder is achieved when making the purchase, that is, that the customer identifies himself as the legitimate holder of the card he is using. 

-Paypal has the International PCI DSS Certification, the highest level of worldwide certification in transactional security with credit cards. PCI-DSS certifies that the company adheres to its standards and ensures that the cardholder information will have the highest level of security, confidentiality and integrity.

- “The requirements of PCI-DSS ensure that the information that users enter when making their purchases with their credit card is protected with a high degree of protection and travels encrypted on the network. In this way, a greater guarantee is offered in the confidentiality and integrity of the data processed in our payment platform ”

- Having this certification gives online shoppers the peace of mind of making transactions on a secure payment platform, where the information that is entered cannot be seen, modified, or captured by third parties.

Our store has SSL Certificate 


a way to tell our customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data. The acronym SSL responds to the terms in English (Secure Socket Layer), which is a security protocol that makes your data travel in a complete and secure way, that is, the transmission of data between a server and web user, and In feedback, it is fully encrypted or encrypted. Whether the data travels encrypted, we mean that mathematical algorithms and a key system are used that are only identified between the person browsing and the server. By having a reliable SSL certificate, our data is encrypted, at that time we can ensure that nobody can read its content.

We are in the information age, the user or client needs to rely on transactions made through the internet, the  SSL certificate  ensures that the data is sent to the correct server. An SSL certificate is a technology that gives you a great online security solution, it helps us to guarantee to customers that the site they are visiting is safe; from a simple visit, make purchases or log in.

An  SSL certificate  implements the preferred web security model, it contains digital keys that protect the integrity of your data when sending and receiving. Servers running SSL create a path with unique encryption for private sessions over the Internet, the public key of the server is available to anyone. That is why they use a public key and a private key: The public key is to encrypt the information, the private key to decrypt it.



Committed to the safety of our customers, we want to provide you with Security information and recommendations when using our technology platform:

  1.       Do not use the option to store passwords offered by the browser.

  1.       Memorize your username and password and keep them in absolute reserve. Do not write, share or lend.

  1.       Try to change your passwords periodically (every month), or sooner if you suspect you have lost confidentiality.

  1.       Never provide confidential personal data (users, passwords, account numbers, etc.) in emails.

  1.       When you enter our store D´Raso verify that the website uses encryption (Lock on the status bar and https in the address bar, not http, which will always be visible). Validate that the digital certificate is valid and corresponds to D´Raso SAS ( ).

  1.       Do not follow links found in emails, instant messaging, pop-ups or banners, which could lead you to fake pages.

  1.       Always enter the page by typing the address in the Internet address bar.

  1.       Keep your computer's security tools updated (antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc.).

  1.       If you have to withdraw from your job and you have not finished your session on the portal, block your workstation (Ctrl + Alt + Delete), to prevent other people from taking advantage of that open session and committing fraud to your first name. When you finish your work on the portal, be sure to log out.